Author Topic: How to Apply - Must Follow or Application Ignored  (Read 76 times)

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How to Apply - Must Follow or Application Ignored
« on: October 31, 2010, 08:42:34 pm »
Copy the text below then paste it in a new topic and answer all questions. Also add a poll to your Application stating this, nothing else. "Would i make a good Moderator for ElitePK?" and for the answers simply "Yes" or "No".
Name the topic, "YourUsername Administrator Application"

Irl Name:




Howlong have you been playing ElitePK?

How many hours are you on daily at average?

Why do you want to become a Administrator on ElitePK?:

Why would you make a good Administrator on ElitePK?:

Past know-how in dealing with staff positions?

You see another moderator on, and he/she is abusing their moderation powers. What do you do?

Are you willing to help players?:

What is it you like about ElitePK?:

Your best friend is online, and he/she breaks a few rules. What would you do?:

Do you have any programming or advanced computer experience?

Have you got a Youtube account? If yes : Post the link to your channel:

You do understand if you break rules, or turn out to not be a good Administrator, you will be demoted?:

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