good rules?

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Yes, i know whats alout and not aloud now
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Thank you for this Boever
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no, some rules are absurd
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Author Topic: admin application rules  (Read 92 times)

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admin application rules
« on: March 12, 2012, 04:17:48 pm »
I'm Boever

These are the rules for application for admin

1. Don't post on you're own application

2. Don't ask player to look or to support you, they have the do it from there own will

3. Use a poll to make it simple

4. Don't rage or flame players if they don't support you it shows you're not good admin
or will not be a good one or you're not ready to be a admin,and that you're immature

5. Don't post apply if you're gone edit it if somone doesnt support you, and edit it with
(nvm i don't want it anymore)

6. Use proper grammar and don't talk like this ( sup guys im here for my admin spot and u should choose me because me is the best etc...)

7. Don't post on here if you're not modorator first go for that then there is more change you get admin if you're already mod (but you can apply for admin even you're not mod but you will have less change to get it

If there more rules i will edit it, this is just to help Dallas a bit with rules on the forums so he doesnt have the do it all.

Sincerly Boever
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