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WebClient Setup Guide!
« on: October 23, 2011, 11:50:19 pm »
This is a list of instructions of what you must do to get your
webclient running, follow them closely with patience and use
common sence and you should be able to do it. If all fails
ask for help on the website's chatbox.

Step 1: Download the cache:

Step 2: Once downloaded, open with winrar or as a zipped folder
and either extract the file inside of it to your C: drive or drag it from
the zipped folder/winrar into your C: drive.
How to get to C: drive: Start, My Computer, C:.

Step 3: Once you have dragged/extracted it in there you should be
ready to load your webclient freely without error. Enjoy elitepk!

If there is already and EPKCv12 in your C: drive before you have
started step one, close your web browser, and then delete the EPKCv12
that is in there, then continue with the tutorial.
The file that you download should be "EPKCv12 -" containing
the folder EPKCv12.

Downloadable Copy of This Guide(Highly Recommended because you have to close browser!):
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