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Terms of Service [TOS]
« on: December 19, 2010, 04:49:45 pm »
     Attention, if you do not agree to the following Terms of Service, you are not aloud to ever visit this website or any neighboring links. Please leave this website immediately if you do not agree. By staying at this website and/or neighboring links, you agree to the below content.

1. You are not an employee of Jagex LTD, RuneScape or FunOrb, and are not a family member or acquaintance of the aforementioned.

2. You are not an employee of any law firm contracted with Jagex LTD, and are not a family member or acquaintance of said firm.

3. You understand that All of the information on this site is solemnly for learning purposes, as the main purpose of this site is to instruct people in the art of programming. All programs provided for download from this site are entirely coded by the members of this community and are not the intellectual property of any business or organization.

     If you have thus agreed to all information above then you may stay with the website and all neighboring links. After reading and accepting the above, you must now follow the rules as given below.

Do NOT ask for items and/or Staff.
No spamming.
No flaming (mild flaming alowed).
No advertising for other servers.
No staff impersonation.
No scamming.
Do not share accounts.
Racism is not aloud and will NOT be tolerated.
Do NOT abuse bugs. If found, post on forums.
No item duplication of any kind.
Pjing is looked down apon, but is allowed.
EXCESSIVE use of single-way tagging will result in a jail and 48-hour mute.

No spamming, 3 Seconds per shout atleast.
No URL's.
No scamming.
No flaming.
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