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Introduce YourSelf / video poker
« Last post by Akshayseo on July 05, 2012, 03:32:36 am »

Atlantis Gold Casino is an with a head office located in Netherlands Antilles
governed by its law and courts.Since 2011,we provide different online casino games
like ,blackjack, roulette,keno, lucky  scratch, baccarat and a wide selection of
online slots.

General / server on and back off again
« Last post by agsflames1 on June 27, 2012, 05:56:20 pm »
holy f i never new the server was back on and today its off again wat is this are u trolling me
Welcome to ElitePK / Sell Textbooks Online and Get Extra Money
« Last post by Joel77 on June 17, 2012, 04:31:31 am »
The best part about comparing the prices on new textbooks is how easy it is to do. In just a few minutes, you can rapidly and correctly find the lowest possible prices on new textbooks. Many quality websites are available that allow you to rapidly compare the prices of new textbooks from several different online textbook sellers at once. As a result, you can save an extra amount. Also you can  save on quality used  textbooks on all kinds of subjects.
Welcome to ElitePK / Joseph & Hollander LLC in Kansas
« Last post by Ajay4 on June 09, 2012, 07:11:55 am »
Kansas police profile drivers for ?routine? traffic stops
The war on drugs is big business on Kansas highways. Police troll the highways looking for cars with out-of-state license plates and drivers that fit the profile of a drug courier. When a target is located, police find a reason to make a traffic stop. Common explanations for the ?routine traffic stop? include following too closely, changing lanes without a signal, driving in the passing lane for too long, a license plate with edges obstructed by a frame, and dispatch telling the officer that the license plate for some reason is ?not on file.? Of course, the real reason for the stop is that the driver fits a profile.DUI Attorneys in Wichita KS

During the traffic stop, police ask the driver and passengers questions, scan the inside of the car through the windows, and, literally, smell the air inside the car. They look for any reason to justify continuing to detain the driver and to search the car. When the traffic stop is complete, police ask the driver if there is anything illegal in the car and then ask for consent to search. By the time the officer has decided to ask these questions, he has already decided that he is going to search the car. It may not stop the search, but saying ?no? puts us in a good position to defend the case. It forces the officer to justify the continued detention, makes him try to quickly get a ?drug dog? to the scene, and force a prosecutor to justify a probable cause search of the car.DUI Attorney Wichita KS

If you have been stopped in Kansas and arrested for possession of drugs, you need to quickly hire an attorney who knows these police tactics. You need someone who knows how to convince a judge that your rights were violated. You need an attorney who knows how to win motions to suppress evidence obtained in violation of defendant?s rights. Our lawyers are experienced and have been successful in convincing judges to suppress evidence found in these ?routine traffic stops.?DUI Attorneys in Wichita KS

DUI Attorneys in Wichita KS
DUI Attorney Wichita KS
General / Guidelines for finding great Boston movers
« Last post by Glenn123 on June 03, 2012, 06:35:02 am »
Approximately in all cases, is wrapped in labor costs, supply and placement, rental cars, Boston movers put forward these facilities in view of the fact that the chances are of obtaining the consent and leave the area. Boston Movers In the situation that simply was not given more time to go, at least for you and your purse or even if you changed the second state of Boston, this can be very constructive.
General / Let Lady Luck in Through The Online Casino Gambling Window!
« Last post by javedbt on May 27, 2012, 12:58:32 pm »
Top Online Casino games are available for you to play anytime, just keep tab on the licensed website when you pay and play. Make sure to begin with small bets and then as you get a hang of the game keep changing the amount as per your winning or losing streak. Quick learners have a higher chance of winning; do your research well to be the one with multiple wins as lady luck makes your day.
General / Re: ElitePk V3 - The Return of ElitePk - BETA CLIENT
« Last post by Mario on May 12, 2012, 09:11:33 am »
Introduce YourSelf / Hey:)
« Last post by admin ryan on May 12, 2012, 06:34:11 am »
Hey everyone :) If your a old fag you know who i am but for those that don't my name is Ryan and i ust to be admin so please don't ask me why i have admin in my name ty :) im 16 and i go to online school so im very active and nice and love to help people so if im on just PM me if have any questions :) Have fun!
General / Re: ElitePk V3 - The Return of ElitePk - BETA CLIENT
« Last post by martine on April 29, 2012, 04:08:13 am »
Thirdy ^^
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